StackTrends started off as a proof-of-concept side project that got perpetually iterated on because it was my test-bed for trying out new liraries and frameworks. Whenever a new technology was proposed at work I would implement it here first to see how it handled; it was a low-risk environment and had plenty of data to work with for testing at scale.

At some unknown point StackTrends became a serious thing for me. It may have been because people knew it existed when I went to conferences or when I started to get emails from people asking questions about the data, I'm not entirely sure. Now I devote as much time as I'm able (and test new technologies out at work, instead ;) ).


Hello! I'm Andrew Cernek, a software engineer from Phoenix. Thanks for checking out StackTrends, it's great to have you! Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas for StackTrends, to tell me about how you're using it, or for any business-related inquiries. I can be reached through email at andrew@cernek.dev, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


StackTrends is dedicated to the thousands and thousands of people in the software community who have taught me everything I know without ever asking for anything in return. Though it's a fun personal project, StackTrends is primarily my way of giving back to that community. It doesn't make a dent in what I owe, but I hope it's useful to other developers, or at least fun to explore.

Personal thanks to my family for all of their support, my best friend and coding mentor Natalie Pendragon, and the crew over at SpyFu for giving me my first job in tech.

A shoutout to all the contributors at Stack Overflow whose help I've used more times than I can count. You keep the developer world turning and help new developers find their way.

Finally, massive appreciation to the creators and maintainers of Open-Source Software. I can't imagine what the software ecosystem would look like without you, let alone my career. StackTrends would not exist without you.

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